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The syllabus is prepared with the view of preparing the Engineering Graduates capable of writing readable C programs to solve computational problems that they may have to solve in their professional life. The course content is decided to cover the essential programming fundamentals which can be taught within the given slots in the curriculum. This course has got 2 Hours per week for practicing programming in C. A list showing 24 mandatory programming problems are given at the end. The instructor is supposed to give homework/assignments to write the listed programs in the rough record as and when the required theory part is covered in the class. The students are expected to come prepared with the required program written in the rough record for the lab classes

Course Objectives

  • To introduce the concept of formal languages.
  • To discuss the Chomsky classification of formal languages with discussion on grammar and automata for regular, context-free, context sensitive and unrestricted languages.
  • To discuss the notions of decidability and halting problem

The purpose of this course is to enable learners to solve problems by breaking it down to object level while designing software and to implement it using Java. This course covers Object Oriented Principles, Object Oriented Programming in Java, Inheritance, Exception handling, Event handling, multi threaded programming and working with window-based graphics. This course helps the learners to develop Desktop GUI Applications, Mobile applications, Enterprise Applications, Scientific Applications and Web based Applications.

Course Objectives:

  1. To impart a basic understanding of the parallel architecture and its operations
  2. To introduce the key features of high performance computers